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Selling Your Home

There is a lot involved in selling your home. Here is some useful advice and tips to help you with the process.

  1. Deciding when to sell

  • Timing is important in your decision to sell your home. There are many factors that can affect the sale of your home. Here are a few to consider:

    • Do you have time constraints? i.e. you want your children to start at a different school by September or you are starting a new job.

    • Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market? Your REALTOR® can help you understand the market conditions and point out the benefits to you.

  2.  Useful tips for getting your home ready to sell. When preparing your home to sell try to put yourself in a buyers shoe’s. This will help you to             find those small things that may turn buyers off.

  • Keep it clean. Having a clean, clutter free home is the cheapest and easiest thing you can do to help improve its appeal.

  • First impressions. Make sure the exterior of your home is attractive. Keeping a well maintained lawn and garden, a fresh coat of paint on the front door and a newly sealed driveway can go a long way to improve a potential buyer’s first impression of your home.

  • Be space conscious. The larger the rooms in your home look, the more attractive they are to buyers. The less clutter and large items of furniture in a room the larger it will feel. So take the time to clear the clutter and even put larger furniture into storage.

  • If it’s broke, fix it. Nobody wants to buy a home with leaky faucets or a broken garage door opener. Take the time to repair anything that needs fixing in your home.

  • Fresh paint, fresh outlook. Painting your walls is a cost effective way to help add appeal to your home. Stick to light neutral colours as they will make rooms feel bigger and also help buyers picture their own furniture in the room.


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